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Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to below FAQs before booking the workshop sessions. If you have any additional questions, please email us at

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Is there an age limit?

Tufting - We have an age limit of 16+ for safety reasons.

Painting - No age limit.


What is tufting?

Tufting is the process of passing a group of threads (or a “tuft”) through a primary base material to create a rug-like texture. Using yarn and fabric to create rugs, coasters, mirrors, bags, pillows, benches and anything else your heart desires! Tufting projects are typically completed in five steps: tracing, tufting, gluing, backing and trimming.


Do I need to make a reservation, do you accept walk-ins?

We only accept reservations. It is likely that we will be fully booked a week in advance. We recommend scheduling your visit 1-2 weeks ahead of time. If scheduling for a group or private event please contact us as soon as possible. You can check on our website for availability and to make a reservation. Also feel free to DM us on Instagram.


What happens in a workshop?

The 4-6 hours class will cover the basics of setting up a tufting frame with stretched primary cloth, threading and operating tufting machines. Instructions on how to cut, glue, and finish a tufted piece will also be provided. Participants will work on projects of their own design on a frame with different size options.


How long is a workshop?

We offer 3 types of tufting sizes. A typical session for a small tufting workshop is around 4 hours while a medium tufting workshop is 5 hours. The large tufting workshop is 6 hours or more. It is an immersive whole day experience for an advanced tufter. We suggest not making lunch or dinner reservations. 


What are the sizes?

Small Size frames at 15 x 15 inches can accommodate finished pieces up to 12 x12 inches.


Medium Size frames at 25 x25 inches can accommodate finished pieces up to 22 x 22 inches. 


Large Size frames at 28 x 38 inches can accommodate finished pieces up to 22 x32 inches. 


How many people can work on one piece?

The reservation is booked for one person for one piece by default. Small Size frame is limited to one person only. However, if you are coming in as a pair please book Medium or Large Size frame for two people. 


How to pick a design?

For first-time tufters, we highly recommend using designs with big simple shapes and thick outlines. No drawing skills are required, as you will be projecting your image onto the tufting canvas. It is important to save all of these designs on your phone. 


What if I cannot finish within the time limit?

Don’t worry! You can book another time slot to finish your item with hourly fees of $25/hr. Or, If you are unable to finish, we may complete the finishing at an additional charge of $50. 


Are food and drinks allowed in the studio?

Full meals or any food with smell are prohibited in the studio space. However, we do provide snacks and drinks at the resting area for you. 


Can I bring my pets?

Paw friends are also welcomed! We provide treats and waters. Please send us an email in advance. And be noted that there is a cat whose name is "ART" that hangs around our building.


Cancellation Policy/Rescheduling Policy

Unfortunately, no refunds will be issued. Class fees are 𝗡𝗢𝗡-𝗥𝗘𝗙𝗨𝗡𝗗𝗔𝗕𝗟𝗘. We will accommodate up to one reschedule request. Requests for rescheduling can be made up to 𝗧𝗛𝗥𝗘𝗘 𝗗𝗔𝗬𝗦 before a scheduled class. In some cases we may offer transferring ownership of registration with notice before a class begins. Just contact us through email or Instagram DM. 


Covid-19 Protocol

Masks are highly recommended for both Covid safety reasons as well as microfibers. Sanitizer will be available.

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