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Tutu LLC

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Our Background

How We Got Here

Tutu LLC is a creative and interactive workshop company that specializes in a diverse range of activities, including tufting, painting, and various handcrafts. Our primary objective is to foster a vibrant and engaging environment where individuals can come together to unleash their creativity and craft something truly beautiful. We are delighted to accommodate all types of events, from group activities to private classes and company retreats, ensuring a memorable experience for our clients.

The name "Tutu LLC" holds a heartfelt significance as it pays tribute to our beloved Labrador, Tutu. Even though it saddens us to share that Tutu fell ill in March 2022 and subsequently passed away, we cherish the memories of his last moments. Tutu has been an enduring source of inspiration for us. It is with deep reverence and love that we chose to honor his memory by naming our company, Tutu LLC, after him. In doing so, we strive to create something beautiful, just as Tutu inspired us to do.

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