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Tutu LLC

Our Background

How We Got Here

Our company is founded on the idea of bringing people together to create something beautiful. My wife, Phoebe, and I met in art school, where we both studied fine arts. Our dream was to start an art related business together after graduation, but circumstances forced us apart instead. However, we always kept in touch because of our beloved Labrador, Tutu. Whether it was sending photos of him to each other or taking him to the beach together, he was a wonderful source of joy and connection for us.

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Unfortunately, Tutu fell ill earlier this year and passed away. Phoebe and I spent his last hours together, holding him and saying our goodbyes. With Tutu gone, we lost our reason to stay in touch and could have gone our separate ways. Instead, we rekindled our relationship, married, and fulfilled our dream of starting a business together. Tutu, in life and in death, brought us together and inspired us to create something beautiful. We could think of no better way to honor him than naming our company, Tutu LLC, after him.

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